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What to Consider When Choosing a Self-Storage Facility

Self-storage facilities can be very helpful if you’re moving or just planning to get your stuff better organized. But with near countless choices, how do you decide which self-storage facility that to use?

Know your stuff.

You should see how much space you need prior to looking for a facility with the kind of unit you can rent. Do you plan to store paperwork, antiques or maybe a sedan? Of course, the type of unit you need depends on what you want to store; you’ll surely need climate controls sensitive antiques or artwork, but outdoor storage is just great for your RV.

Scan through your insurance requirements.

Skin through your homeowner’s insurance or renter’s policy and find out if it will protect you for the items you intend to store. The insurer may indicate the type of storage that will be covered by your policy. Or you can search for a facility that provides insurance for your stored items specifically.

Find out the features of the facility.

Find for a storage facility that offers you access to your stuff anytime you need it; some provide 24-hour gated access while others are only accessible within regular business hours. Also, check the security of the facility; it must be fenced and with working security cameras.

Choose a reasonably located facility.

Pick a facility which is located reasonably near your house or at least your workplace. Convenience creates a big difference and is worth paying that extra cost . Besides, this is also an issue of time and gas.

Read and understand the facility’s policies.

Each facility is run with its own set of rules. Some are just rented out for a particular period while others offer regular monthly rentals. In most facilities, there are guidelines on what types of items you can store, so you need to know and understand all of these. And if you decide to still use the facility despite those rules, make sure you will follow them.

Read reviews online.

Check online for user reviews before making your final decision. Pay attention to comments on security issues and the quality of service.

Call the facility.

Finally, though you may not have to interact with the manager very often, you don’t have to put up with them if they’re rude or unaccommodating. A good storage center manager knows how important customer service is and will be glad to answer your questions.

Regardless of the storage facility you actually use, make sure it fits your needs, is convenient, and won’t bust your budget.

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