3 Ways To Upgrade Your Home’s Outdoor Space

Spending some time upgrading your home’s outdoor space can provide many benefits. You can increase the amount of livable area and add to your home’s value. There are several ways to improve your lawn or yard beyond simply changing the landscaping. Here are some unique ways to add function and style to your home’s outdoor living spaces.

1. Install a Water Feature

Water features can add dramatic appeal to your outdoor spaces and even give you the opportunity to try a new hobby, such as raising koi. Whether you want a simple fountain or a pond complete with waterfalls, adding a water feature can set your home apart. Some landscaping companies can design and install water features, supplying the perfect pond aerators and fountains to complete your design.

2. Create a Breakfast Patio

An alternative to a large deck is a smaller eating area, sometimes known as a breakfast patio. This outdoor nod to a breakfast nook is usually cozy and compact, designed to hold a cafe-style table and a few chairs. You may want to look for furniture and decorations inspired by classic French architecture to make this area feel upscale and special.

3. Plant Some Flowers

Adding some greenery to your deck or patio can transform the appearance and smooth the transition between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. If your climate supports a lush garden, consider planting flowers in the parts of your lawn surrounding the deck. Another option is using a variety of containers for plants, such as window boxes, large planters, and smaller flower pots. Make sure to choose plants that thrive in your home’s agricultural zone and account for the amount of sun or shade your outdoor space gets every day.

Your home’s outdoor space can provide a spot to enjoy the weather, eat a meal, and relax in nature. Upgrading your lawn or deck can increase your home’s value and your quality of life. Water features, patio furniture, and flowers can help create a beautiful space.