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Ideal Creamy Broccoli Soup

With winter coming cooking hearty soup is an excellent way to keep the families well fed and warm.
This soup and stews with meat are the main choice, creamy as well as excellent if you are thinking about it.

One example of a favorite soup is the cream of broccoli as it is very easy to make and you can only put it inside the food processor.

It is not expensive so you can be able to keep the broccoli trimmings with the stem and just freeze it until you make the soup about 4 cups with is enough as a family meal.

You can be able to remove as much of its peel as you may and the best is to be able to freeze the trimmings.
You can leave it and strain your own soup after you cook it but think that it adds to a very unnecessary step that will not add any flavor.

The basic soup for a creamy and pureed vegetable soup is used for broccoli and you may also use cauliflower and carrots since it can be used in the soup.

The basic recipe can be used with trimmings on the pot, vegetable covered with chicken stock.

Puree vegetable and stock in your own food processor, blender or just a stick blender thin the soup with stock or just milk.

The ideal flavor can be obtained by sauteing the onion and the garlic and add water or olive oil in the soup pot before adding the vegetable and other liquid.

You may opt not to use the chicken stock.

The ideal vegetable broth is just made with only water.

You can also try beef broth with this kind of recipe but the chicken stock is just about the favorite so good intentions to test variations is going side by side.

This soup is highly ideal if you choose to add a little cream since it can give you the additional texture with kind of food.

The soup is valuable as well as highly impressive beginning with the course as well as the entree to make you save more money.

You may sprinkle them on top of the soup it can be cooked or just uncooked for a while.
You may either want to retain the deep color to show well how beautiful lighter green soup.

The excellent pair to the soup is really good and chewy textured bread at the house you can have it with garlic bread.
You can warm the baguette as it is being served with fresh butter dipped in olive oil.

This kind of soup is ideal anytime for summer it can be thinner and it tastes good with the room temperature.
A very hot soup is ideal on a cold winter night.

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