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The Best Cement Mixers in Construction

Cement mixers play a significant role in the construction industry as it is widely used to save time when theres a need to mix cement. Otherwise when done manually, it is going to eat a lot of effort and time of the workers. There are different kinds of mixers that are now used in the market and the type and size of the cement mixer depends largely on how much mixing has to be done. As for the concretes volume to be mixed, it is focused mostly on what type of cement mixer shall be used.

Listed in the next paragraphs are the 5 kinds of mixers that are now used when it comes to cement mixing.

Number 1. Mini mixer mini mixers are perfect option if the mixing needs to be done less. These mixers usually are limited to providing 200 liters of cement per batch. Since the mixers are loaded manually, the output amount is going to vary. Another factor that has to be considered with these mixers is that, the amount of output is just about 30 percent less than the input for the consolidation happens throughout the mixing. Because of this, mini mixer becomes a great option when you are mixing mortars and plasters.

Number 2. Diesel and petrol variety both petrol and diesel mixers are more expensive when compared to other mixers but, they are great option for a lot of contractors since they dont rely on electricity to operate. Between these choices, it is the petrol mixers that are more affordable but if youre going to ask contractors, what most of them prefer is the diesel mixers for it is durable and has low running cost.

Number 3. Electric cement mixer electric variety is pretty popular for the reason that they are handy and easy to rent or buy at the same time. However, one downfall of using such mixer is the fact that you need to find an outlet to be able to plug these mixers and also, extension cords. If the project site is situated on a place with either limited or intermittent power supply, this may be a problem.

Number 4. Industrial variety industrial cement mixer is normally used in places wherein a big amount of concrete output is needed. These mixers come in two shaft batch mixers which allow fast mixing. These are quite powerful and at the same time, handy for big outputs.

Number 5. Concrete transport truck this is actually a specialized kind of mixer to which the concrete is mixed and transported at the same time. Dry materials and water is combined in the drum while the mixing is carried out on transport.

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