Friendly Consulation for a Decision

While looking for window shutters online, I realized that there are a lot of places to buy them. I was expecting to just do a simple search online and I would find what I needed in less than 10 minutes, but I found more than I bargained for, and I wasn’t sure of what to actually get. It doesn’t help that I’m an indecisive person by nature, but making the choice for all of these things was even harder. I tried to narrow things down by making a list, but I still couldn’t figure out what I wanted. I asked my friend for help, because he’s better at making these kinds of decisions.

My friend has quite an eye for home decor. He’s done a great job of decorating his own home, and other people have asked him with help for their homes, so I knew that he would be just the person to get me out of my stick situation in regards to the shutters. He knew just the right style of shutter and the right color that would look best in the room. The next time I decide to go furniture shopping, I’ll be sure to give him a call.

After purchasing the shutters that my friend picked out, I had them installed and the fit right in line with the window. To thank my friend for his help with the shutters, I decided to cook dinner for him. His favorite dish is lasagna, so I made a large lasagna dish for him with garlic bread and salad. While we were eating, he told me that he had some ideas for decorating my kitchen. He talked about tiles for the slash guard, marble counter tops, and staining for the cabinets. I just let him go on and on while enjoying the food.