Get Rid of that Smelly Odor

Odors happen in every home no matter how clean it is kept. Cooking, pets, children, spills, hobbies, and crafts are just a few examples of what can cause a smelly odor. Instead of chasing odors around the house with a spray can of obnoxious scent to mask them, have them diffused away from the air. Using a cold-air diffusing technology replaces the odor with a fine mist of scent that will not leave a residue.


This method of diffusing scents provides a cleaner and more consistent scent that lasts longer than other delivery methods. The scents last longer because they are not diluted or heated. Less oil is used as well due to this fact. A product that uses less oil and delivers consistent scent longer heated diffusers of sprays is cost-effective.

High-Quality Natural Oils

Essential and aroma oils used in the Aromatech diffuser are pure oils available in over one-hundred scents that will not exacerbate allergies, asthma, or respiratory issues the way sprays and solids can. Solids and sprays contain chemicals that can irritate the nose, throat and lungs. Releasing chemicals into the air will not only make allergies and asthma worse, but also irritate those who may not have any respiratory issues.


Diffusers are available in five sizes to accommodate vehicles, homes, offices, businesses, and very large spaces. The automobile size will suit any type of vehicle and camper. The small size will provide scent for up to one-hundred square-feet of space.

Medium ones will accommodate up to one-thousand square-feet of space. Models designed for large spaces cover four-thousand square feet, while the extra-large diffuser options provide safe and clean scent to spaces as large as fifteen-thousand square-feet. If the space is split-level, an odd-shape, or has been divided, more than on model may be needed.

Refurbished Diffusers

When online exploring options for styles and sizes, homeowners will want to click the tab on the upper right-hand side to see if any refurbished diffusers are available. They are sold on a first come-first served basis at deep discounts. These models are inspected and repaired to meet original manufacturer standards, so units are sold as fast as they are ready for sale.