How Often Should You Replace Your Sofa?

Everyone knows old sofas are not they comfortable and they can quickly become an eyesore. Unfortunately, not everyone knows when they should replace their old sofa and they end up keeping it around for sentimental reasons. With this information, individuals will understand how often they should replace their sofa and some of the signs they can look for to know it is time to start shopping for a new one.

How Often Should a Sofa Be Replaced?

Knowing when to replace a sofa is paramount. Furniture experts agree a sofa should last between seven and fourteen years, depending on the durability of the components and how well the sofa has been maintained. A solid wood frame, metal brackets, and double wooden dowels are crucial for ensuring a sofa will last for as long as possible. The following are some of the signs individuals can look for, to know it is time to find a new sofa.

  • The fabric has become worn and there is an odor. If these are occurring, this means the sofa needs to be replaced. Older fabrics that have a bad smell need to be replaced right away. They could be harboring bacteria and allergens.
  • If the cushions have become overly flat and the back is no longer supportive, this can cause pain. If sitting on a couch is no longer comfortable, it is time to explore the options for making a new purchase.
  • When the springs are no longer responsive or are poking through the fabric and cushions, it is important an individual stars shopping for a new sofa. Waiting too long could end up causing injuries, due to the protrusion of the wire springs.
  • Frames that are creaking and wiggling too much during sitting need to be checked for problems. As time goes on, the components of the frame and supports can begin to break down and lead to damage.

Start Shopping Now

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