How To Protect Your California Business From a Fire

If you own commercial property in California, being prepared for a fire can help to ensure the safety of all who utilize that property. Fire readiness is also good business practice since it can help reduce potential damage to your assets. Above all, having proper fire prevention and mitigation methods at your business is almost always required by law. Here’s how you can ensure your business is protected.

Protection Systems

If a fire starts at your commercial property, it is important to have a system in place to detect and control it. Fire suppression systems can alert individuals of the hazard, trigger the local fire department to respond to the alarm, and deploy sprinkler systems to begin putting out the blaze. Fire sprinkler certification California is crucial for maintaining your protection system. Sprinkler systems must be tested every year and certified every five years in order to comply with the California State Fire Marshall.

Portable Extinguishers

Smaller flames can be controlled immediately with the use of portable fire extinguishers, which can contain a variety of extinguishing agents, including foam, water or dry chemicals. If you choose to utilize fire extinguishers at your business, develop a training program for employees so that they know how and when to use them.


Without a doubt, having systems in place to put out flames is a must when it comes to protecting your business. However, one of the best ways to avoid a commercial fire is to prevent one from occurring in the first place. Inspect your property for potential hazards and, if possible, remove the hazard. Create a plan for detecting and acting on workplace fires, and train your employees on your plan.

The occurrence of a fire at a commercial property can potentially be disastrous for a business owner. Alleviate the risk of this misfortune by employing systems to detect, suppress, and prevent a commercial blaze.