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Know of the Closest Beaches to Orlando

Talking of beaches close to Orlando, there are five of them that are so close, about 75 minutes or so of a drive of Orlando found on the east coast. On the west coast as well there are some more but these would be quite a drive anyway.

As a fact, Orlando has been widely known for the theme parks that feature it but all the same, when you happen to be heading to the coast, you should know that there are as well lots for you to enjoy in beaches which are within a driving distance anyway like we have just seen above mentioned.

One of the closest of the beaches to Orlando is the Atlantic beaches which is located on the eastern side of the coast. On the Atlantic beaches, you can enjoy better attractions and as well feature bigger waves.

But for those who love where the sea is calmer and warmer, the Gulf coast would be the place for them to be. Here is more you need to know on some of the beaches closest to Orlando.

On the east coast, we have the Cocoa beach, Daytona beach, New Smyrna beach and the Canaveral National Seashore. By and large, driving to any of these beaches will not be an experience to take you more than one hour as it is that driving to Daytona and Cocoa beaches would take that precise time, 60 minutes on average, while it takes you around 58 minutes driving to New Smyrna with the drive to the Canaveral National Seashore being the shortest drive often taking at most 50 minutes. By far and large the go-to beach in Orlando has been the Cocoa beach for the fact that at it, you get to have so much to enjoy in activities such as shops, restaurants, such a busy nightlife, water sports, deep sea fishing, museums, large picnic pavilions, and you can as well catch the space shuttle launches from the nearby Cape Canaveral just to say some of the features and attractions to the beach. The Cocoa beach simply sits 59.8 miles from Orlando. Take route 538E via FL if at all you are headed there.

Still we have the Daytona beach as one other kind of beach that is sure worth taking a deeper look at for your information. Like has already been mentioned above, the driving time to Daytona from Orlando would be around an hour and it is a span of about 55.8 miles. On it you will as well find lots of attractions such as a pier, a water park, family entertainment center, on beach parking and many other lively attractions on it such as the Daytona International Speedway which stands nearby.

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